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Welcome to housingdisrepairclaimlondon.co.uk powered by the Vintage Claims Management Group. We are here to offer hassle-free ways for you to get compensated for the inconvenience caused by your landlord.

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Housing Disrepair Solicitors London No Win No Fee

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors London No Win No Fee

    Need urgent repairs for your home and landlord is ignoring? Are you looking for compensation for housing disrepair claims in London? Couldn’t find reliable housing disrepair solicitors in London? Housing Disrepair Claim London provides you with the best services you are looking for.
    Our HDR solicitors can handle your claim and have the potential to bring maximum compensation for you. We work hard to bring what is rightfully yours. Therefore, no need to suffer in silence. We help to get tenant compensation for the inconvenience.
    How we can help you:
    If your landlord fails to carry out the repairs, we can help you. Furthermore, we will help you get compensation for the inconvenience.
    It can frustrate the tenant when the landlord or housing association refuses to respond to your request. Therefore, you must know the housing disrepair rules and how to claim it.
    No Win No Fee Housing Disrepair Solicitors
    Housing Disrepair Solicitors London No Win No Fee
    Housing Disrepair Solicitors in London
    Best No Win No Fee Housing Solicitors London

    Water Leaks & Flooding

    Are you facing the issue of water leaks or flooding in the rental home? Water leaks and flooding can cause various health issues. Furthermore, it can damage your belongings, or it can cause damps. In such cases, contact your landlord or housing association and request repairs. If they fail to take action, contact our HDR team to start the claim. Also, we will help you get compensated and repair the damaged rental property.

    Structural Issues

    Structural issues can be very dangerous and become the root cause of many physical or financial losses. Therefore, it is important to fix them as soon as possible. The structural issues include cracks in walls, roofs, or ceilings. Also, rotten windows and broken stairs. These are the common types of structural problems. If your rental house has these issues, report it to the landlord and if they fail to repair it. Contact us to start your claim.

    Insect Infestation

    Having an insect infestation in the house could be a nightmare for many. Living in such rental property can be dangerous for your health. Infestation can cause damage to personal belongings and health issues like allergies. Therefore, dealing with such issues as soon as possible is very important. It can also be claimable under the housing disrepair. You can claim compensation for these issues in rental accommodation.

    Damp & Mould Issues

    The common issue which many tenants are facing is damp and mould. It can be due to the water from outside damaging the structure. This can also be due to leakage in water pipes inside the house. If this leakage is not repaired on time, it can cause damage to the structure of the property. This is the most common housing disrepair case. If you find yourself in such cases, you can claim compensation for the distress caused.

    Boiler Issues

    Ensuring the house's heating systems' excellent condition is the landlords' responsibility. Faulty electric or heating systems can be dangerous and cause a fire disaster. Also, it can have the danger of electrical shocks. Therefore, these can compromise the safety of the tenants. If you find yourself in such a condition, request for repairs. If the owner fails, you can claim compensation for your distress. Furthermore, we are available at your service for help or a claim.

    Drainage & Gutters Issues

    The maintained drains and gutters are the responsibility of your landlord. These are crucial for the safety and health of the tenant. Damaged gutters can result in infestation. Furthermore, it can be the reason for the stinky house. Therefore, it is essential to maintain these systems. When the house owner or housing association fails to repair in a specific time, contact us to start your claim. We always help to get the tenant compensation for the inconvenience in London.


    Housing disrepair is the poor condition of rental property due to the landlord's negligence. These poor conditions are below the quality of living and compromise the safety of tenants. Living in such a house can cause various health and financial issues.

    When a rental house's condition deteriorates and needs repairs, it becomes unsafe. It may be due to any physical damage to the interior or exterior, plumbing, mould, and infestation issues. These issues can affect the health and physical properties of tenants.

    Are you looking for repairs to your rental property? Have you reported issues to your landlord? Your landlord refused to carry out the repairs within a reasonable time. Did you suffer due to disrepair? Got any injury, illness, or personal property damage due to the house being in disrepair? Our HDR solicitors can help you get compensation for your claim.

    Common Housing Disrepair Issues In Social And Council Houses

    The law obliges Property owners to ensure their rental property is habitable. But still, many tenants are facing repair problems in their houses. Disrepair can be structural cracks, water leakage, flooding, or drainage issues. These are the common issues causing inconvenience for the tenants.

    It doesn't matter house is owned by a private landlord or a social house. If the house is in disrepair, the owner must maintain it.

    If the social house, council house, or private landlord fails to maintain their property. Then, you request that they take the necessary actions to clear the in-house disrepair. After request, if they fail to take the required actions. Contact our housing disrepair lawyers to file a claim. Our professionals will provide the guidelines and represent your case. Furthermore, you will get the maximum compensation on the No Win No Fee.

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      It is the right of every tenant to live in well-kept property. Unfortunately, many homeowners failed to maintain their property. Every rental property, whether owned by a housing association, council, or private landlord, must be in good condition. When you start living in a rental property, the owner is legally obligated to ensure the safety of the house. Also, for maintaining the living standard of the property.

      Therefore, it will be frustrating if the landlord knows your suffering but does not take the required actions. If the landlord fails to carry out the repair work after reporting, then a tenant can claim compensation. Ensuring the following is the responsibility of the landlord:

      You can contact us if your property owner or housing association is not fulfilling their responsibility. We will guide you throughout the process. So you can be tension free and live in the healthy environment you deserve.

      Best No Win No Fee Housing Solicitors London

      Are you looking the best housing disrepair solicitors near me? Couldn't find the best housing disrepair solicitors London no win no fee? Look no further than us. We are here to help you. Our HDR team is always eager to help tenants seeking their rights. You can contact us to start your claim if you are one of them.

      If you are looking for a win no fee solicitors housing association? Then we could be the best choice. We have been dealing with HDR claims for a decade. Our track record of successful housing disrepair claims compensation speaks for itself. We have a huge number of compensated clients. You can contact our clients and can ask about our services.

      There are many housing disrepair claims companies available in London. Everyone is claiming to be the best. But we are not just claiming. We prove ourselves by bringing the results you are expecting. Our top priority is client satisfaction. Therefore, we will do our best to get maximum compensation for you.

      The following are the benefits of claiming HDR claims compensation with us:

      Get the Services of the Most Reliable Housing Disrepair Solicitors in London

      The Most Common Types Of Housing Disrepair Claims

      There are three main types of housing disrepair claims. One is the claim compensation for the health issues caused by the disrepair. Second is the claim compensation related to the personal belongings damage. Third, claim compensation for the general inconvenience.

      Am I Eligible For Claim Compensation?

      The eligibility criteria for claim compensation are very simple. If you face inconvenience and your landlord is not taking any action. Then you are eligible for compensation. You can also get compensation for the emotional distress. Many tenants also get compensation by suing the landlord for emotional distress. You can also get this compensation. You have to prove that disrepairs directly or indirectly caused emotional distress.

      What To Do If Landlord Refused To Do Required Repairs In Your Home?

      Every tenant has the right to live in a well-maintained house. Also, they can take legal action against the landlord for not carrying out the repairs. If disrepair causes too much inconvenience, then a tenant can claim compensation. They can contact the best no win no fee housing solicitors in London for claim compensation.

      However, the tenants have the right to complain to the landlord. But if the owner fails, they can claim compensation for the repairs. There are the following possible ways for housing disrepair claims compensation:

      Claim Compensation By Yourself

      One step you can take to claim compensation is by claiming yourself. It will require extra effort to do all the legal work by yourself. In this process, you can save the fee of HDR solicitors, but you must do all the work. Therefore, we do not recommend this process as it is lengthy and hectic.

      Why Choose No Win No Fee Housing Disrepair Solicitors

      The best and most hassle-free process is getting the services of professionals. You can get the help of the housing disrepair solicitors to get rid of extra efforts. We will take care of the rest once you contact us. Our team has experts who can guide you at every step. Furthermore, we will handle your case with extra care.

      Hiring The Best Housing Disrepair Solicitors

      Facing inconvenience for the disrepairs in-house due to the landlord's negligence? Looking for the best housing disrepair solicitors? You can contact our housing disrepair team. We have been serving many tenants in the UK. Furthermore, we have completed many claims with maximum compensation in London.

      Many solicitors are claiming to be the best. But hiring a reliable services provider is challenging. You can't hire anyone for this service. Many solicitors charge their fee even if you lose the case. Therefore, hiring no win no fee solicitors for HDR claims is important.

      We have specialists for HDR claims as our team is well aware of housing disrepair law. Our experts can handle claims of any complexity. You can contact our specialists through email or calls. Furthermore, you can also visit our HDR London office.

      Housing Disrepair Claims Reviews

      Here are the reviews of our clients who get our housing disrepair claims services. You can confirm our quality of work by reading their thoughts.


      Professional services with a professional attitude. I got 80% compensation for the claim. I'm glad to find this website. Works for me. I definitely recommend their services.


      I have damp and mould issues in my rental property. My owner was not taking any action. I contacted housingdisrepairclaimlondon.co.uk. Satisfied with services.


      I had a housing disrepair issue in London. Found this website. Amazing services by housingdisrepairclaimlondon.co.uk. I will recommend these solicitors.


      Frequently Asked Questions

      Whenever a landlord fails to take care of the tenant's rights, the landlord's negligence happens. This negligence could result in illness, discomfort, or injury.

      Furthermore, whenever a landlord ignores the unsafe environment of rental property, that can lead to an accident. This also falls into the negligence of the landlord. However, if this is intentional or unintentional, the landlord is legally obligated to take care of tenants' rights.

      Therefore, the tenant got injured when a property owner was informed about the disrepairs and not taking action. The tenant can ask for compensation for the injury or damage in such cases.

      According to the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 Section 11, the tenant can claim compensation if the property is in disrepair. It states that keeping the rental property safe and in good condition is the landlord's duty. If a tenant faces such issues after reporting to the landlord, they can receive compensation for damages or injuries.

      Housing disrepair claims are the legal compensation process for tenants for any physical or financial loss. This loss is due to an unsafe or unhealthy environment of rental property.

      You can claim compensation for the housing disrepair if you become eligible. For eligibility, you must have a house in disrepair and you informed your landlord of repairs. If the landlord is still not taking any action, you become eligible.

      For claiming HDR claims, you can contact our experts. We will do the rest for you and help you get maximum compensation.

      If your landlord failed to carry out the repair work you informed about. You can sue the landlord and ask for a compensation claim if you have any physical or financial loss.

      You can claim compensation for mould in the house because it can affect your health and belongings. Therefore, you must ask your landlord for repairs instead of suffering from mould. If the landlord or housing association refuses to repair in a specific time. You can claim compensation.

      To claim the compensation, you may require HDR solicitors in London. Our solicitors can help you get the maximum compensation you deserve. Therefore, contact us today to start your claim now.

      HDR solicitors represent your case in front of the landlord, housing association, or court. They also give you advice and guidelines about your case. These professionals have experience in handling such cases.

      Furthermore, they can handle your case better and bring you the best outcomes. Therefore, you must hire the best housing disrepair claims solicitors in London. You can contact us at (075) 2069 3242 for these services. We will provide you with free consultation and guidelines.

      If you don't know, how do I make a housing disrepair claim? What is the process? Then don't worry. Here is the simplest answer you can get.

      The process of a home in disrepair claim is simple. You have to notify the owner of the house in disrepair. If the property owner failed to repair the house within a specific time. You can claim compensation for the disrepair against the landlord.

      To claim the compensation, you must provide all the proof supporting your claim. These proofs include all the pictures, videos, audio, documents, and other important things.

      In this claim, you will be compensated for any physical or financial loss you attain due to the disrepair. Furthermore, the landlord will also do the required repair work per the law.

      To start your claim, contact our best housing disrepair solicitors in London.

      If you are looking for a housing disrepair team in London and don't know how to contact them. You can call 075 2069 3242 or email us at info@housingdisrepairclaimlondon.co.uk. Our HDR team will provide you with the free consultation and the compensation you seek.

      You have to contact our professionals to get help from housing disrepair solicitors. Our HDR solicitors provide guidelines and support to the tenants. Also, represent the case in front of the landlord or housing association. Furthermore, we will fight for your rights to bring the compensation you deserve.

      The compensation for a house in disrepair depends on the severity of the disrepair. If a rental property is uninhabitable, the compensation will be 100%. But this case is rare. Normally, the compensation amount ranges between 25% to 50% of the rent of the rental accommodation.

      The time limit for housing disrepair is more than for other claims. It has a limit of six years. The time will start when the damage took place.

      A housing disrepair claim can take up to 3 to 9 months. The time will vary from case to case. It will be depending the disrepair and how much repairs are required. Our solicitors can speed up the process and guide you at every step.

      Section 82, housing disrepair, explains the tenant's rights. Tenants can refer to this Section for the housing disrepair issues. For more details, you can call 075 2069 3242.